E-TV Hours

Daytime Hours
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Evening Hours
4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Weekend Hours
3rd Saturday of the Month
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Other Hours
Other access as arranged.

SECTION 5: Cablecasting E-Tv Facilitated And/Or Imported Programming

5.1 Completion and submission of a Statement of Compliance form will constitute a formal request for cablecast time. A Statement of Compliance form is required for any video to be cablecast, whether locally produced, dropped off, or mailed to E-TV.

5.1.1 Programs submitted for playback that are not facilitated or produced by an E-TV producer must be sponsored by a resident of the Eagan cable service territory. The resident sponsoring the program must sign the Statement of Compliance, and that sponsor acts as the party of responsibility and of record in the franchise territory for that program.

5.2 The person signing the Statement of Compliance will be considered responsible for the content of the program.

5.2.1 The Statement of Compliance must include the responsible party's full name and legal street address.  P.O. boxes are not acceptable.

5.2.2 Proof of residency in the form of a Drivers License, Utility Bill or Cable Bill will be required.

5.2.2 Blanket Statement of Compliance is acceptable for series programs. The responsible party will be required to fill out a new Statement of Compliance for each series program for every 3 months.

5.3 Programming will be scheduled at the discretion of the E-TV Studio Supervisor.

5.3.1 No standard or regular cablecasting time slots are available.

5.4 A live programming slot/time may be requested for up to 6 consecutive week increments and scheduled with the approval of the E-TV Studio Supervisor. This includes the use of the production studio.

5.5 It will be assumed that any video mailed to E-TV for playback without a SASE(Stamped Self Addressed Envelope) for return mail becomes the property of E-TV after thirty (30) days.

5.6 It will be assumed that any video dropped off at E-TV for playback and not picked up within thirty (30) days will become property of E-TV.

5.7 All programs must be accurately timed and labeled.

5.8 Upon determination by the E-TV Studio Supervisor that a program contains material for a mature audience, and/or unsuitable for children, the program will be scheduled in time slots no earlier than 11:00 p.m.

5.9 The E-TV Studio Supervisor or his designee reserves the right to suspend or cancel the cablecasting of any program that either contains poor technical quality and/or due to the physical conditions of the video.

5.10 The scheduling of E-TV Access programming is up to the E-TV Studio Supervisor or his designee.

5.11 All submitted programming that is accepted by E-TV will be guaranteed one cablecast, but may be selected for multiple airings at the discretion of the E-TV Supervisor or his staff designee.