E-TV Hours

Daytime Hours
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Evening Hours
4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Weekend Hours
3rd Saturday of the Month
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Other Hours
Other access as arranged.

SECTION 3: Booking Equipment and Facilities Policy

3.1 Prior to reserving facilities or equipment use, individual users and/or groups MUST be trained and certified in an E-TV sponsored training session.  The producer of the show must also complete a Program Production Proposal and work with E-TV staff to complete a Production Plan and Schedule

3.2 Access facilities and equipment are available to Eagan residents as outlined in Section 1.3  and approved by the Studio Supervisor or staff designee.

3.3 Use of equipment or facilities must result in programming for one of the E-TV channels.

3.3.1 E-TV requires that any program made with E-TV equipment receive its premiere cablecast in the Eagan service area.

3.4 Use of E-TV facilities and equipment by volunteers are for non-commercial uses only. The use of equipment or channel time for profit-making or revenue-generating functions is strictly prohibited. If interested in renting E-TV studio space, equipment or hiring E-TV Staff for video production, please contact the Studio Supervisor or Client Services Coordinator for more information.

3.5 If the person requesting equipment or facility use is not eighteen (18) years of age or older, a parent or guardian must sign the appropriate responsibility forms required for the facility and equipment use or check-out.

3.5.1 Parents or guardians of equipment or facility users that are between fourteen (14) years of age and eighteen (18) years of age must sign blanket responsibility forms, allowing the minor to check out equipment, or use equipment in the facility, without being accompanied by an adult. Blanket responsibility forms must be updated by the parent or guardian with each calendar year.

3.5.2 Minors aged thirteen (13) years and under must be accompanied by an adult in all cases, including training seminars.

3.6 Each person or group requesting use of equipment or facilities other than the mobile studio may:

3.6.1 Reserve up to one (1) month in advance. Example: On February 29, bookings will be taken up to March 29. On March 1, bookings will be taken up to April 1.

3.6.2 Reserve up to four (4) hours of studio production time per week. For live studio programming, please refer to Section 5.4 for reserving the studio.

3.6.3 Reserve up to four (4) hours of editing time per week per editing facility.

3.6.4 Reserve up to one (1) twenty-four (24) hour block for portable check-out per week. Saturday to Monday time periods and time periods that include holidays will be counted as one (1) booking.

3.6.5 Not reserve more than one weekend checkout per month without permission of the E-TV studio Supervisor.

3.7 Time in excess of the above may be obtained on a day-to-day basis or case by case basis from the E-TV Studio Supervisor.

3.8 Failure to return equipment on or before the return time on your check out form will result in a $5 per hour charge.  3 instances of late returns may result in a suspension of check out privileges.

3.9 In the case of portable equipment, policy 2.3.2 still applies. Please call E-TV early to check on the possibility of extending your time so as to allow enough time to return the equipment in case other bookings have been made.

3.10 One portable camera system is allowed per person or group per check-out.

3.11 Consecutive, back to back bookings by members of the same group (group being defined as people working on the same production defined in a Program Production Proposal) will not be accepted.