E-TV Hours

Daytime Hours
9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Evening Hours
4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Weekend Hours
3rd Saturday of the Month
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Other Hours
Other access as arranged.

SECTION 2: User Responsibility

2.1 Liabilities and Indemnification:  The producer has total responsibility to know and understand the E-TV policies and procedures. As such, producers assume complete financial and legal liability for their activities during the utilization of E-TV services, equipment and facilities. E-TV and the City of Eagan assume no responsibility for producer actions and will be indemnified and held harmless for any claims for damages resulting from producer utilization of E-TV services, equipment and facilities.

2.2 The E-TV user/producer is responsible for ensuring that programming or use of equipment does not result in:

2.2.1 OBSCENE OR INDECENT MATERIAL OR LANGUAGE shall not be cablecast, nor programs that promote illegal acts.

2.2.2  DEFAMATION:  Programming containing defamation is prohibited.  Defamation shall mean any material in a program and/or presentation that would be deemed defamation slander or libel by local community standards or by standards established by any federal, state, or local regulation or law. 

2.2.3 LOTTERY INFORMATION: Neither lotteries nor lottery information will be cablecast.

2.2.4 COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS: The producer of the program shall be held responsible for any disputes arising from unauthorized use of copyrighted materials.

2.2.5 ADVERTISING Unless in connection with sponsored programming accepted and approved by the E-TV Studio Supervisor, no advertising material will be cablecast.  The display of commercial logos, products and services shall be avoided whenever and wherever possible.

2.2.6 SELLING OF PROGRAMS: The producer shall be held responsible for reimbursing E-TV for the actual cost(s) for any program or program portion produced with E-TV equipment that is sold or otherwise receives remuneration of a monetary nature. Production costs are the sole determination of E-TV.

2.3 The user is responsible for adhering to booking times and reservations.

2.3.1 Being late for a booking time or reservation may result in the time being booked for another producer that requests the time. 3 such instances may result in a suspension of reservation rights for up to 6 months.    

2.3.2 The user is responsible for informing the E-TV staff if equipment or facilities previously booked will not be utilized or if there is a change in the pick-up or return time. Staff reserves the right to re-assign use of facilities or equipment if the user is more than thirty (30) minutes late.

2.3.3 Users utilizing production equipment are under the supervision of the E-TV Studio Supervisor or his designee.

2.3.4 It is the user's responsibility to identify himself/herself to the person(s) being recorded, especially if the subject is not aware of the recording. At no time may an access user identify themselves as an employee or agent of E-TV or the City of Eagan.

2.3.5 The user assumes full responsibility for use of E-TV production equipment when the equipment is signed out for their use, other than normal wear and tear. Should damage occur to the equipment, the user is responsible for informing the E-TV staff as soon as possible, but no later than upon return of the equipment. The Studio Supervisor will review each equipment/facility damage and/or loss and determine the extent that the user is responsible for reimbursement, up to and including full reimbursement for repair and replacement.

2.4 Productions using any E-TV equipment must fully credit E-TV at the end of a program for facilities use and assistance. The credit, "Production Facilities Provided by E-TV Eagan Community Television," should appear on the screen for a time equal to the other production credits and must be on the master and all copies. This credit must be shown at all public screenings.

2.5 The access user is responsible for having read and understood these guidelines.

2.6 Users are required to fill out a Program Production Proposal in writing prior to booking studio, editing or equipment usage.  Upon completion of their Program Production Proposal, users will work with E-TV staff to complete a Production Plan and Schedule.  Users should address any questions or concerns to the E-TV Studio Supervisor.

2.7 A producer may petition the E-TV Studio Supervisor for a waiver of these rules in order to accommodate productions with special requirements by submitting a request in writing. A decision on the issuing of such a waiver will be made within 3 working days after its submission of the written request.

2.8 A user who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or whose conduct endangers the safety of people or facilities, or who engages in any illegal activity while using access equipment or facilities or on E-TV property, will be prohibited from using the access channels and facilities.

2.9 Smoking, drinking and eating is prohibited in the E-TV facilities and around E-TV equipment.

2.10 Any misuse, negligence or carelessness with the equipment or facilities may result in suspension of any or all of these rights.

2.11 The content of any video produced is the sole responsibility of the access producer. Further, the producer is the sole owner of the content of the video and said content may not be altered or censored in any way without the permission of the producer.